Sunday, October 18, 2009

And....It's Official - HOAX!

But seriously, did anyone really believe that this nut was telling the truth?! My wife and I immediately knew it was a hoax when we heard who the family was. We watched that episode of Wife Swap they were on and knew there was something wrong with those people. But here's how I knew immediately that it was all a hoax:

1. They video taped the younger boy getting in the balloon, tape cuts out...then shows the balloon taking off.

2. The first call for help was made to the local 9News! The guy called the "media" to tell them his 6 year old boy was being carried away in an experimental weather balloon.

I hope they are prosecuted and reimburse the costs incurred. The farm field where the balloon came down was even damaged by all the rescue vehicles. There was extensive crop damage. They need to pay for that too.

On a related note, on the way to church today we saw a hot air balloon coming down in the trees at Chatfield state park. You could tell it was not intended, because there were people running across the field from where it launched over to the trees! I don't think anyone was hurt though, although, maybe some cuts and scrapes??

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