Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is Acorn Guilty of Racism?

With the entire political world throwing around the racist term so loosely lately, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. ACORN could be considered a racist organization based on its actions toward employees. In light of the outrageous undercover video that has been obtained outlining a pattern of behavior in assisting clients in setting up tax havens, child sex operations, and other illegal behavior ACORN has fired 3 of its black employees and has provided no defense for the black perpetrators.

However, yesterday a fourth ACORN office was busted! This time clear across the country in San Bernardino, CA and the ACORN rep was not a black lady. She was white. I was curious to see how ACORN would handle this one, so you can imagine my surprise when they immediately jumped to her defense by allowing her to say, in essence “oh, I knew it was a joke, so I was playing along with it.” So ACORN officials have jumped on that train too by agreeing that the actors/filmmakers were bad actors and not believable therefore it should be okay for their employee to play along as though it were all a game.

Then there’s the other issue of race being that the girls said to be imported were from El Salvador. I wonder if the ACORN employees guilty of this craziness would have stopped dead in their tracks had the pimp and prostitute claimed to be importing young African children!

If Maureen Dowd can come out and cry “racism” based on very loosely circumstantial evidence against Joe Wilson, can’t we also say that ACORN was racist by applying a different judgment to its white employee than to its black employees? Why was the white lady not fired as quickly as the white folks?


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