Monday, September 6, 2010

Graham: Obama is 'tone-deaf'

By J. Taylor Rushing-09/05/10 11:24 AM ETRepublican Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) on Sunday slammed PresidentObama as "tone-deaf" on sensitive political matters, and said that theNovember elections will prove most Americans disagree with his views. Graham, an occasional ally of the administration on immigration,energy policy and military issues, also told NBC's "Meet The Press"host David Gregory that Obama's agenda is too liberal for the country. Democrats, led by Obama, have gone "hard to the left," Graham said. "Now they have nothing to show for their efforts but biggergovernment and more debt," he said. "Now they own this agenda that Ithink has been the most liberal agenda in modern times, and at the endof the day the public is not in the left ditch, they're not in theright ditch, they're in the right-center of the road. And the only waythe president can possibly survive is to come back to the middle. "He's tone-deaf. Putting KSM on trial in New York City? Made nosense. Interjected himself into the mosque debate? Made no sense. He'stone-deaf on terrorism issues, and he's certainly tone-deaf on theeconomy."Source: contents of this site are © 2010 Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., a subsidiary of News Communications, Inc.Comments (20)PAGE

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