Monday, August 31, 2009

"They're Shuttin' Detroit Down...." And Sendin' the Money to CHINA!

From Reuters:

"Vehicles made at the venture will carry the FAW brand and will focus on supplying the China market, but they could be exported under a GM brand through the Detroit automaker's global network in the future, Wale said."
That's right, you read it correctly.  Government Motors (G.M.) has announced a plan to invest $293 Million into foreign manufacturing of light duty commercial trucks similar to other 1/2 ton and lighter trucks already being produced by GMC and Chevrolet.  So you don't need to look too far into this to see the possible unintended consequences.  Here's our WTF take on this:

1.  US Taxpayers loan GM a boatload of dollars to save them from Bankruptcy
2.  GM lays off thousands of US workers as they cut production in US facilities
3.  GM sends $293 Million to China workers to produce light duty trucks for the Chinese market

Well, the problem is that GM has hinted at the possibility and most likely their intentions of exporting the trucks under the GM brand into the U.S.  The end result would be outsourced auto manufacturing jobs to China!  WTF?!

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